The Office Story Made for Achieving

Our ambition is to reinvent productivity around people. We believe achieving isn’t work. Achieving is living. A state of mind and motion filled with passion and purpose. Microsoft Office is made for the people who’re remaking today’s world. People in homes, schools, coffee shops and organizations around the world. Helping them focus their energy together on purpose rather than process. Our purpose is to empower you to achieve yours.

Microsoft Office: Made for achieving

What does achieving mean to you?

What will you do with your next 365?

The world’s most empowering productivity experience

Office provides the foundation on which people from all walks of life work, communicate, create, and collaborate to get things done and do great things together.

One Brand
Three Worlds

While we speak to many different audiences, we focus primarily on three distinct groups, communicating to each how we can help them achieve what matters to them.


We see them as our equal. A peer. In the new world of work, we know the challenges they face better than anyone. And we’ll be on this journey by their side, learning exactly what they want to achieve so we can give them exactly what they need to do it.

Small Business

We know that to them, there’s nothing small about their small business. It’s their life. So we’ll work to understand their unique challenges and do everything we can to help them achieve whatever it is they want.


We know they have an unwritten book inside of them. An unfinished marathon ahead of them. A great school they want to get into. And we want nothing more than to help as they go about achieving the things they’re passionate about.

The Office personality


We’re filled with positive energy and believe great things will happen. We’re encouraging, knowing people can achieve whatever they set their minds to when given the platform and the support they need. And we’re quick to lift them up, because we see a setback as an inevitable but important, even galvanizing part of achieving.


We thrive on the dynamism in the world and love the way change can open completely new possibilities for people. We’re fearless about reinventing ourselves, continually changing for the better to meet the needs of the people and companies changing the world around us.


Our purpose is to help people achieve, and it has been for more than 25 years. We care about it in a way that no one else does. And as people’s needs have changed over the years, so have we. But we’re not making it up as we go or trying to be something we’re not. We speak genuinely and honestly to the needs people have, using language our audiences use, with no overpromises or clichés.


We search for what’s possible beyond today’s way of getting things done. We’re energized by all that people are capable of achieving and seek to support and amplify it through our platform. We not only care about the needs of people today, but tomorrow – anticipating what and how they’ll want to achieve. So we build our technology around who they can be and what they can become.


The Office brand is made up of a set of core ingredients. They can be combined in various ways to tailor the brand expression to our different audiences and across the three worlds.


We must speak to the unique things each of our audiences wants to achieve in a way that’s uniquely Office, expressing our personality through everything we say.


The orange-white combination is something that Office communications can own. It’s rooted in Office’s rich history and is a delightful part of the Microsoft color pallet and brand expression. The right combination and quantity of color will help you tailor the brand expression to each audience.

Small Business


The Microsoft brand typeface, Segoe, expresses our nature – clean, human, and versatile – visually. Segoe is an essential and long-standing element of our brand identity.


Office photography highlights people who’re engaged and fulfilled while being productive in their professional and personal lives and puts people at the heart of productivity.

the Brand

We can bring the human idea of achieving to life for our customers for years to come in ways that engage and inspire. Below are some examples of how all of the elements of the new brand come together to do that.